Yellow puffles are very creative and artistic, and are well known to sculpt and paint perfect pieces of art, life-sized, too. Yellow Puffles were first sighted in the October of 2007 and first made available for members in November of that year. Yellow Puffles can play in DJ3K.Theres also a yellow puffle which stays mysteriously in the stage, called by many, "The Keeper of the Stage". And are very smart according to most penguins, because they can make art of

inanimate objects (Objects that can't move or aren't alive) into art. it was the 7th puffle to be discovered on the island.

The Yellow Puffle backround


  • They were discoverd in 2007
  • They seem to be the most creative Puffle
  • They are the 7th most popular Puffle on the island!
  • Keeper of the stage is a Yellow Puffle.
  •  Chirp is a Yellow Elite Puffle
  • Their favorite snack is popcorn.
  • The Yellow Puffle room was at the Lighthouse during the Puffle Party, 2013 being the last year.


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