Red Puffles are a kind of puffle. Red puffles originally came from Rockhopper Island, discovered by Rockhopper himself. But they are now trained for igloo living. The most famous red puffle is Captain Rockhopper's pet puffle, Yarr. Like all other puffles, red puffles need to be cared and loved for, like every other color of puffle.The Red Elite Puffle is named Blast. He can shoot out of a cannon with a helmet and break (mostly) wooden crates. If you are walking a red puffle and enter Catching Waves, the red puffle will join you in the game and help you to score more points however if you choose Survival Mode, the Red Puffle (along with the other penguins) will, ironically, look scared and not join you. This is frowned upon by many Club Penguin players, as red puffles are supposed to be fearless, however surfing in Survival Mode is their weak point.


  • It was the 5th puffle.
  • You don't have to be a member to own a red puffle
  • They are one of the two non-member puffles, the other being the Blue Puffle.
  • They are brought from Rockhopper Island as a gift from Captain Rockhopper.
  • There is a puffle known as 'Daredevil' who appears as the default Puffle for 'Puffle Launch'.
  • Their favorite snacks are Stinky Cheese.
  • This puffle weak point is survival mode at surfing game
  • There is another red puffle in the club penguin is Yarr the most popular appear in beach (when docked with the migrator), Rockhopper Island