000 pufflehotel

The building in The Plaza.

The Puffle Hotel is located in the Plaza between the Pet Shop and the Stage. Construction for the Puffle Hotel began two weeks before the Puffle Party 2013 began in March 2013. 

It's purpose was to be tall enough to reach the Cloud Forest with the Rainbow Puffle. It was then decided that the Puffle Hotel will be permenant. 


  • Its' first appearance was in the music video Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman).
  • There are three levels to the Puffle Hotel: The Lobby, The Puffle Spa, and the Rooftop.
  • The Rooftop has the cannon, a feeding station, a sleeping station and a pool. It also has tables with Puffle Ball Lids as umbrellas.
  • The Spa has a grooming station and a excersize station.
  • The Lobby has an entrance to the Pet Shop, a fountain, a Puffle Hat shelf. A Puffle Food shelf, reception, coat check and, of course, the elevator. (Of course it has all the buttons to the other levels of the Hotel.)
  • At one point, you can see Herbert in the elevator doing 'Herbert Style.'
  • Despite this is a hotel, there is no hotel rooms, making a sort of "Puffle Resort"