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Puffle Digging is a new way to easily get coins, items, and Puffle Foods. You walk your puffle (All colors can dig) and keep going around the island. Your puffle will stop and start digging for coins. If you are a member, your puffle will also dig rare items and Puffle Food.

You can get random amounts of coins, random puffle foods, or items. There is no special amount or range for each puffle color. The highest amount of coins recorded so far is 1000.


Date Update
June 20, 2013 Feature release; coins can be dug
July 11, 2013 Rare items can be dug
August 15, 2013 Favorite Puffle foods can be dug
November 14, 2013 Golden items can be dug by Gold Puffles only
January 23, 2014 Prehistoric Items can be dug by Dinosaur Puffles

How they DigEdit

Puffle   Action  
Blue Puffle Digs a hole in the snow and throw the coins out, before hopping back up.
Red Puffle Jumps a few times, creating a hole in the ground, and the coins will pop out from the ground.
Black Puffle Jumps and makes a huge crack in the ground, which will open up and shoot out the coins.
Purple Puffle Turns itself into a small tornado that opens a hole in the ground, then the coins will pop out from the ground.
Pink Puffle Jumps once, creating a hole in the ground, where the coins will burst out into the air and drop down to you.
Green Puffle Digs into the ground using it's propeller. It will then throw the coins up from the hole.
Yellow Puffle Paints a hole in the ground with its paintbrush, and the coins will pop up out of the ground.
Brown Puffle Blasts a hole in the ground using it's laser blaster, and the coins will shoot up from the ground.
White Puffle Takes a deep breath and blows a dent in the ground, which will crack slightly, and the coins will shoot up from a smaller hole inside.
Orange Puffle Licks a hole in the ground, where the coins will pop out.
Rainbow Puffle Farts away snow, revealing a hole in the ground. The coins will then float out.
Gold Puffle Gets a pickaxe and wipes away snow, and then detonates TNT. Coins will then come out.
Dinosaur Puffle Jumps on the ground, makes a small volcano and a boned treasure box appears.


  • The game has two names: 'Treasure' and 'Puffle Digging'
  • There are 6 stamps for 'Treasure'
  • All rooms can be dug in except igloos.
  • The info about Puffle Digging was first released on a What's New Blog post here.
  • There are stamps for Puffle Digging.
  • The highest amount of coins recorded so far is 1000, but this is most likely not the highest amount obtainable.
  • Ever since August 15, puffles had exclamation point over their heads before they dug treasure.
  • If a member digs up an item with the membership badge next to it, that item will be locked in the inventory after the players membership expires. This applys to most Clothes and all Furniture items.
  • If a member digs up an item without the badge, they will be able to wear it after their membership expires like any other non-member item.
  • If a penguin walks a Gold Puffle, the player gets a chance to dig up a golden item.
  • This was an ability harnessed by Herbert during Operation: Puffle to dig up coins for his hot sauce machine.
  • Dinosaur Puffles can also dig Treasure. Since the 23th of January Dino Puffles could dig items like a Magma Hoodie.


The color of the outline of chests are different. One is gold and the other one is silver. Here's what they mean:

  • The gold outlines mean a recent item from 2008–Present is in there.
  • The silver outlines mean that a rare item from 2005-2008 or Puffle food is in there.

Chests could also appear in different colors. Here's what they mean:

  • A Golden Treasure chest means golden items are inside. These will be dug exclusively by Gold Puffles, as shown on themembership page.
  • A Treasure chest covered with bones means it has been dug up exclusively by a Dinosaur Puffle.

Stamp GalleryEdit