Lolz is Cadence's Purple Puffle. Lolz appeared at the Puffle Party 2011 . Like Yarr, it has a different pose then other puffles on the player card, having a pose a purple puffle makes while dancing. Because of it, Cadence is the second famous meetable character to have a walkable puffle, the first is Rockhopper. She also made an appearance in The Party Starts Now.


  • Lolz's ID is 1235, which is a bait item.
  • Cadence named her Lolz because she "makes her lol" (laugh out loud), as confirmed in the comic strip in the first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine.
  • In the Club Penguin Magazine comic strip "In Search of The Perfect Puffle", Lolz does not have her blue swipe in her hair, meaning it is just the blue dancefloor light reflecting off her fur.
  • Lolz is seen with Cadence only at certain Parties like at the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam in 2012. Lolz was not with Cadence at the time.
  • Lolz once wrote a question that was featured on the Club Herbert Times. However, penguins don't know what it says because it is written in the puffles' language.
  • She appears in Puffle Party (Gotta have a Wingman) under the ownership of Cadence.

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