The Gold Puffle is the newest puffle in Club Penguin. It was released on November 14, 2013. It has been rumored for many years, and was finally confirmed on the Membership Page in November 2013. It can be adopted by finding 15 gold nuggets and inserting them to the Gold Mine. 


This puffle is very energetic and lucky. It loves digging and is very good at it. It has strange behaviors compared to other puffle. Its favourite food is chocolate coins covered in golden foil. 


  • It is Club Penguin's 12th puffle.
  • They can dig up golden treasure, such as golden bumper cards and golden leis and more.

List of Obtainable Items via Puffle TreasureEdit

Gold Puffle ClothingEdit

Gold Puffle FurnitureEdit


*Please Note Favourite Foods Fill up a puffle's stats 100%


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