210px-Gariwald's Puffle
Gariwald's Puffle is a puffle of an unknown name seen only with Gariwald VIII. There has been much speculation of it's color, name, and how it was acquired.


Gariwald VIII has disappeared a long time ago, however, puffles were only discovered in 2005. This leads to a few possible scenarios on Gariwald's acquisition of the puffle. The first is that 'long ago' was not that long ago and Gariwald was on Club Penguin at the time of their discovery. The second is that puffles had existed on Club Penguin for a long time before but had simply not been available to the general public. The most popular rumor before the party was that it was a special new kind of puffle that would become adoptable. This was proven false when nothing of the sort happened.


The puffle appears to be small like a white puffle, but also bears resemblance of the pink puffle. However, in the picture in the newspaper of Gariwald disappearing shows the inside of the puffle's mouth to be the same color as Gariwald. Gariwald is a blue penguin, and the brown and white puffles are the only puffles who have blue inside of their mouth, thus the puffle MAY be brown or white. It is also possible that the inside of its mouth was only blue because it was simply just a ghost.

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