The Elite Puffles are highly-trained Puffles of the EPF. They help the EPF and are very good Puffles. You can unlock an Elite Puffle and the Whistle to call it by a special game called "EPF-Herbert's Revenge".

The group of Elite PufflesEdit

Bouncer the blue puffle, who uses her pristiege aiming to throw snowballs at things.

Blast the red puffle, who can shoot himself out of a cannon to break crates and other things.

Flare the black puffle, who can use his blue flame to weld things together.

Loop the pink puffle, who can use her lasso to keep anything from moving around too much.

Pop the purple puffle, who can use her bubbles to trap or transport easily anything heavy.

Flit the green puffle, who can use his flying skill to retrieve anything out of reach.

Chirp the yellow puffle, who can use her flute to break glass and ice without breaking what's inside or to deactivate Jet Packs.

Chill the white puffle, who can use his frost breath to freeze anything.

There is currently no orange, brown, rainbow or gold puffle in the group, but there are rumors that there will be a brown elite puffle coming soon.

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There is a Orange Puffle called Plok that is rumored to be the Orange Elite Puffle.

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