A Black T-Rex Puffle

The Dinosaur Puffle is a wild puffle  in Club Penguin. They were available to be adopted by members at the Prehistoric Party 2014. They also appeared in the "Club Penguin - Gold Puffle New Horizons" video.

How to HatchEdit

Members could adopt Dinosaur Puffles by following the following steps:

  1. Find a Dinosaur Puffle egg in the Dino Dig game.
  2. Bring it to the inner part of the volcano.
  3. Hatch the dino egg by heating it on a hotspot three times.



  • If you bring for example your black t-rex puffle to the pet shop, the mat will look like a black puffle's mat.
  • There is a glitch where if you are walking a blue Triceratops Puffle and you sit down, the Puffle will disappear from your player card for a short time. It will keep disappearing and won't reappear if you keep holding down the 'S' key. When you stop holding it down, it will reappear.

Types of Dino PufflesEdit

  • T-Rex- Black and Purple
  • Stegosaurus- Yellow and Pink
  • Triceratops- Blue and Red


Triceratops Puffles

Blue Triceratops Dino Puffle

Red Triceratops Dino Puffle

T-Rex Dino Puffles

Black T-Rex Dino Puffle


Purple T-Rex Dino Puffle

Stegosaurus Puffles

Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle

Pink Stegosaurus Puffle