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Black Puffles are well known for being "Mega Awesome" and also resembles skateboarders. An iconic talent they have is lighting themselves on fire, especially when they eat anything hot or spicy. They are extremely popular with most Penguins. They were 3rd released in May 2005 along with the Blue Puffle, Pink Puffle, and Green Puffle . The room they have at the Puffle Party is the Underground Pool. They love skateboarding and hot sauce. If you own one and are currently walking one into the Mine, you are able to play Cart Surfer with them. 


  • Cart-surfer-black-puffle-281x300

    A Black Puffle Cart-surfing with his/her Penguin

    Their room in the Puffle Parties is the underground pool
  • They are master skateboarders.
  • They are very popular with most penguins.
  • They give you extra points in Cart Surfer when you both do a trick.
  • Their favorite snacks are Fish Burgers.
  • Aunt Arctic has a black puffle called Herbert.
  • They were first spotted in November 2005, and became available for adoption by members on March 17, 2006.
  • The puffle in 'Thin Ice' is a Black Puffle.
  • The Black Puffle's tongue is green.
  • There is a Black Puffle level in 'Puffle Rescue.'
  • There is a black puffle on the desk of 'Puffle Rescue.'
  • There is a fact that when a black puffle eats an O-Berry, it will ignite itself.

In Game (Cart Surfer)Edit


In the game, Cart Surfer, your Black Puffle will be on your shoulder.


Hot Sauce. Hot sauce makes them burst into flames and fly around the room since they are extremely flammable (so if you have one, keep it away from places that have fire in them, ski lodge cove etc...).

Super ToysEdit

  • Skateboard. If you give a skateboard to a black puffle, it will do stunts on it around the room since they are professional skateboarders.

Favorite Place(s)Edit

  • Cave/Pool

Favorite Game(s)Edit

Cart Surfer (Which is confusing because its in the Mine instead of the Underground Pool, but they are both underground and connected to each other).

Famous Black PufflesEdit

He wears green headphones, and is owned by Businesmoose.
He wears his blue welding mask and fixes things by welding them together.


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